Broadcast all thread messages

Because so many things get hidden inside threads

What problem does this solve?

When people talk on a thread I haven't interacted with (and especially if the original message is outside the main window) I can't really tell that a conversation is happening at all. This plugin makes it as if all the people talking on your current channel chose to send their threaded messages to the channel.

Won't this be too noisy?

It all depends on the folks on your team. This plugin is disabled by default, to avoid messing up with folks' workflows.

If I go to another channel and then go back, I don't see the broadcasted messages

Yes, by the way Slack works I can't make it be consistent. The best workaround I can offer is to keep multiple channels on multiple tabs if you really want to be up to date with several channels' threads messages :shrug:. I wish the good folks at Slack implemented this themselves.